1. Versions Introduction

[Release date: January 25, 2022]

IvorySQL 1.1 is based on PostgreSQL 14.1 and includes various fixes from IvorySQL 1.0. For information about the new features in major version 1.0, see IvorySQL 1.0 Release Notes

For updates and bug fixes in PostgreSQL 14.1, see the official PostgreSQL 14.1 Release Notes.

2. Features Introduction

  • Orafce Orafce extensions are automatically installed with the IvorySQL server at initdb, so all Oracle-compatible objects and types are available out of the box.

  • Support for Oracle Compatible Number(p,s) types Add support for Oracle compatible number data types with configurable precision and scale NUMBER[(precision , scale)]

  • Allows Oracle-compatible objects without schema qualification. View Details

  • Add DROP PACKAGE BODY support Add support for deleting the package body without deleting the full package. View Details

3. Known Issues

  • Package Array type variables lose their values after the first execution.

  • Package functions cannot use user-defined types as their return types

4. Fixed issue

  • Fixed Oracle compatibility documentation Issue Details

  • SELECT sysdate FROM dual does not work Issue Details

  • Fixed problematic details of handling CHAR, VARCHAR, VARCHAR2 and NVARCHAR2 data types: 1 2

  • Allows the log collector to collect PACKAGE DDL statements. Issue Details

  • Fixed an issue with VARCHAR2 comparison operator. Issue Details

  • Fixed the regression of make check-world Issue Details

  • Fixed an issue where the cursor defined in the packet body was not closed when the packet body was discarded Issue Details

5. Source Code

IvorySQL contains 2 main code repositories, the database IvorySQL code bin, and the IvorySQL blog bin.

6. Contributors

The following individuals have contributed to this release as patch authors, committers, reviewers, testers, or issue reporters.

  • Asif Rehman

  • Andy Qinshy

  • Bing Ao

  • Denis Lussier

  • Grant Zhou

  • Haruka Takatsuka

  • Huajianjin

  • Japin Li

  • Jack Lan

  • Shengbin Zhao

  • Muhammad Usama